Iran Landing Zone


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MCCC OE Defense
china oedefense

MCCC Lesson: Threat OE Defense

Understand the context for how and why the Chinese execute defensive operations

Russia Landing Zone
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Want to learn more about Russia?

See the Russia Landing Zone

MadSci Info Advantage
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Read about China and Russia's Information Advantage

Learn About the PLA
china learnpla

Learn About the PLA

Through interactive modules and optional quiz

Near Peer: China
china nearpeer

Near Peer: China

(Understanding the Chinese Military)

How China Fights Tactical Defense
china tacticaldefense

How China Fights Tactical Defense

This visualization presents some of the challenges the U.S. Army must consider for success on a modernized battlefield in a multi-domain environment (CAC Required)

What Is China Learning?
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What Is China Learning?

From the Russia-Ukraine Conflict

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These one-page infographics provide snapshots of important characteristics about China and the People's Liberation Army.
Read what China is learning about the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, specifically regarding Chinese observations and Lessons Learned. (CAC Required).
Engage with the TRADOC Community of Interest here. TRADOC G-2 experts welcome questions and feedback from the Force.
Use this interactive training material to learn about PLA Army Combined Arms Brigade's activities during Offense, Defense, Reconnaissance, Fires, and Logistics.

PLA Warfighting Functions and how the
People's Liberation Army (PLA) fights

How China Fights.

PLA Warfighting Functions

Click on the icons to learn more of how the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Fights >>
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