On the right are applications and sites specifically developed to support designing and executing training in a complex, challenging, and realistic operational environment.


Athena Simulation Decision Support Tool

-OE framework that supports MDMP
-Models political, economic, and social factors
-Proven value with CENTCOM/SOCOM

Decisive Action Training Environment

Today's intelligence, projected to tomorrow

Continuity of OE Narrative across all lines of effort
-Hybrid Threat
-Exercise Design
-OE & Army Learning
-OE Assessments Near and Mid

Exercise Support

The Exercise Support Application serves the Army training community by providing access to previously-executed exercise content. You will be able to find exercise products, download exercise material for reuse, and request additional support from the G2.
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Gaming and Visualizations

The Gaming and Visualizations branch develops, and integrates Virtual, Constructive, and Gaming replications of the Operational Environment.

Information Operations Network (ION)

-Provides replicated social media
-Stimulates exercise open-source research
-Embedded critical exercise-specific data
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Network Engagement

The TRADOC G-2 Network Engagement Team continually engages a wide variety of organizations and training audiences to help them apply its approach to meet their operational requirements. In doing so, the Network Engagement Team is helping the Army and the Joint Force leverage the Network Engagement approach to meet the tactical, operational, and strategic challenges posed by the complex operational environments that comprise the 21st century global security environment.


ODIN digitizes and links together WEG, the TC 7-100 series, the DATE Knowledge Base, and DATE Force Structures. It is a one-stop-shop, authoritative resource that features an intuitive user interface as well as machine-readable outputs for the modeling and simulations community.

OE Games

The Observed Fire Trainer application simulates the Call for Fire (CFF) mission.

The Land Navigation application is designed to test and reinforce land navigation skills.


OE OPFOR coordinates and advocates for joint OE/OPFOR solutions to expand joint context and capabilities at combat training centers.

Threat Tactics Course

Delivered in two phases:

Phase 1 examines the why in tactical decisions, and is recommended for all leaders in tactical formations who want to improve their understanding and decision-making and how to best employ U.S. force capabilities and ways to counter threat tactics.

Phase 2 is instructor-delivered via remote or in-person MTT and expands on Phase 1 concepts, Practical Exercises, and drills.


TRADOC G-2 provides OE support that is:

-Reliably discoverable and accessible in all domains (live, virtual, constructive, and gaming)
-Routinely available in all required media
-Independently tailorable by all OE users
-Consistently relevant regarding level of war, scope, and scale of mission, areas of interest, and currency.