The OEC is the operations center for the U.S. Army’s Training Brain. Under the direction of the U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) G-2, we’re part of the G-2 Operational Environment (OE) Enterprise. The OE Enterprise assesses, defines and integrates OE context for the Army. We leverage our ability to access real-world data, information and knowledge to create and enhance complex and dynamic environments for use by all TRADOC lines of operation: training, leader development and education, and concept and capabilities development. We are, in fact, a commander’s direct line to the Army’s Training Brain.

The OEC delivers OE context across live, virtual, constructive and gaming environments for use in individual, collective and self-development training at all echelons. We support:

-Deploying expeditionary forces (DEF) – Contingency expeditionary forces (CEF)
– Active Duty, Reserve Component and National Guard – Home Station Training
– Combat Training Centers – U.S. Army Centers of Excellence (schoolhouses)

We provide scalable exercise design and transformed OE data tailored to a commander’s mission and training objectives. Thousands of real-world reports and intelligence products are all integrated through the OEC-developed Traffic Integration Messaging System (TiMS) into training exercise scenarios. Hand scripting this amount and type of injects would traditionally have taken hundreds of hours, but by automating these efforts, the OEC has significantly reduced development requirements. Also in development is the EDT, which will revolutionize the way units apply the rigors of the OE to their Home Station Training.

In addition to transforming data, we provide units with geo-specific training products to increase exercise realism, including real-world enemy networks, threat overviews, village atmospherics, and opposing force/role player character sheets. Our nationally recognized Gaming & Visualizations branch re-creates significant combat events or enemy tactics in the form of visualizations and gaming scenarios and are currently developing the Army’s first-ever multiplayer online training capability.