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The TRADOC G-2’s Operational Environment Integration (OEI) Directorate will host the first DATE Users’ Conference on 12-14 January 2021. This event is intended to enhance integration and coordination between developers of the training operational environment, scenario developers, and end users.

Event Purpose:

The DATE Users’ Conference will be an opportunity for TRADOC G-2 to engage with the community of interest through a series of virtual working groups hosted on Microsoft Teams. The intent is to create a collaborative environment in which the community of interest can gain a shared understanding about the latest updates, tools, and delivery mechanisms associated with DATE World.

Event Details:

The DATE Users’ Conference will be a virtual conference spaced out across three days, 12-14 January 2021. Over the course of the three days, TRADOC G-2 will host nine separate working groups, all designed to facilitate discussion, giving participants an opportunity to provide input, ask questions, and to lay the groundwork for future collaboration across the DATE World community of interest.

The topics for each working group are:

WG1: Developing DATE World

WG2: DATE World Delivery & Tools

WG3: CTC Utilization

WG4: DATE World Terrain

WG5: Integration of Real World Threat Conditions

WG6: Integration of Space and Cyber

WG7: Scenario Development

WG8: ABCANZ Partners and DATE

WG9: The Way Ahead


To register for this event, fill out the form located here:

If the link above does not work for you, please email Mr. William Hardy ( to register. 

The event will have a limited capacity, so we ask that you RSVP as soon as possible.

Please feel free to share this invite with others that you think should attend.

What’s next?

Over the next month and a half, OEI will periodically make announcements about the DATE User’s Conference and distribute read ahead materials. An invitation (and link) to the event on Microsoft Teams will be sent during the second half of December.


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