About Network Engagement Team (NET)

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The Network Engagement Team (NET) is a specialized unit led by TRADOC and supported by the Joint Staff, J-7 Joint National Training Capability (JNTC). Dedicated to enhancing understanding and engagement within human networks, NET provides comprehensive training solutions tailored to meet specific mission requirements.


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Advanced Network Analysis

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GEN 305, a flagship offering from NET, provides tailored training to support the understanding and engagement of threat, friendly, and neutral human networks. This includes a range of training options, from half-day Senior Leader Overviews to in-depth team and practitioner courses. The training covers techniques such as link analysis and social network analysis, crucial for measuring how social relationships influence individual and group behaviors.

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Targeting & Cognitive Maneuver

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NET specializes in Targeting & Cognitive Maneuver, offering both on-site and virtual training options. These courses, typically around 40 hours in length, can be customized to address the unique needs of each customer. Tailoring options include specific methodologies, data, and software tools, ensuring alignment with the client’s anticipated mission requirements. NET has a history of supporting various Military Occupational Specialties (MOSs), including 18F, 35D, 35F, 350F, 37F, and 38A.

Customization Options:
Tailored Training Packages

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NET's training packages are highly adaptable, allowing customization based on the Students’ MOS and commander’s training objectives. Instructors can tailor material to focus on specific mission planning or execution tasks, including Integrated Campaigning, Information Operations Planning, Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield (JIPOE / IPB), information warfare, and Theater Security Cooperation.

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