Threat Tactics


Unleashing Realistic Challenges in Training

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Discover the TRADOC G2 OPFOR Threat Tactics Course, your gateway to portraying a doctrinal, uncooperative adversary for enhanced training challenges.


The Opposing Force (OPFOR) Threats Tactics Course (TTC) provides foundational instruction on OPFOR concepts and capabilities using functional tactic – a framework for tactical best-practices.
The course leverages computer-based resources, subject matter experts, real-world case studies, and hands-on practical exercises to train and educate students on tactical best practices that provide a realistic, challenging adversary as required* for U.S. Army training events.


The 3 colors of TRADOC.
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  • Intelligence Threat Training
    …but discussions include conceptual linkage w/real world threats & events.
  • IPB Training
    …but enhances & nests within existing IPB processes.
  • Passive, “Receive Only” Training
    …students are hands-on with SME coaching to really absorb the concepts.

Target Audiences

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Discover the diverse audience that stands to gain valuable insights and skills from the TRADOC G2 Opposing Force (OPFOR) Threat Tactics Course (TTC).

The TTC caters to a wide range of individuals and organizations, ensuring maximum impact across various sectors.

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OPFOR personnel

Accurate portrayal of doctrinal behaviors.

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Exercise/Scenario Developers

More variety, challenge, and options for RTU Commanders.

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G2/S2s Analysts

Better ECOA development
& improved IPB.

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Intel Community

Understanding of training linkage
with real-world analysis.

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Multi-service & International Partners

Understanding and mentoring for coordination, implementation.

Delivered in 2 phases

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Phase 1: Online Computer-Based Training

  • Fundamentals, OPFOR Mindset, Selected Tactics
  • Approx. 8 hours
  • Always available, Open to ALL!
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Phase 2: SME Led Instruction

  • 4-Day, Foundry-funded Mobile Training Team (MTT)
  • OPFOR Preferences and Discussions
  • Group Drills and Exercises
  • Subject Matter Expert Coaching
  • Prioritized Scheduling for CTC Personnel, Army Centers of Excellence, and Major Training Events

Training Coordinators
Submit Request for Service form to schedule TTC for your unit or organization.


The 3 colors of TRADOC.

"I wish I had this before

our last training rotation."

-CPT A., 25th INF DIV

"I feel so much more

confident about my ECOAs!"

-SGT H., Ft. Bragg

"I have a much better understanding of what
I’ve been doing for years."

-LTC R., Ft Benning

understand real-world adversaries and events

The 3 colors of TRADOC.

Leverage the functional framework as a lens to understand real-world adversaries and events. Portray a doctrinal, uncooperative adversary to provide better challenges in training.

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Instill a "Non-Blue" Thinking


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Doctrinal Foundations

delve into OPFOR's doctrinal

foundations, products, and tools.

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Functional Tactics & Analysis

Explore functional tactics and

analysis, providing a deeper

understanding of OPFOR threat


Clipboard with Xs and dots in black.
Strategic Environment Impact

Understand the strategic

environment impacts on OPFOR

tactics and strategies.

Additional Information

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For students, complete Phase 1 on JKO before class, including readings on the changing character of future warfare and the operational environment. For organizers, review the best practices provided for running the course effectively. Contact experts for more information or to request a Mobile Training Team (MTT) session.

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For Students

Complete the Phase 1 BEFORE class! Go to JKO and search for “OPFOR”
Read these:

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For Organizers

Please review the instructions below for best practices on how to run the course.

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Find out more/Request MTT

Experts are standing by to help you get the information you need. Contact us today to learn more or request an MTT.


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TTC Brochure

Understand the underlying
functions of tactical actions.


OPFOR Tactical Task Cards

PDF or PPT quick reference guides for understanding OPFOR tactics & tasks.

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TTC Student Supplements

PDF or online study guide to
serve as a reference for
students attending the TTC.

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Executive Fact Sheet

Discover what leaders say
about the course's impact on
training rotations.

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General Inquiry

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