The TRADOC G-2 is kicking off a new Leadership Professional Development (LPD) series

designed to educate the force on a new series of Army doctrine, the Army Techniques Publication (ATP) 7-100 series. This doctrine series provide unclassified assessments of threat tactics. The first ATP 7-100 series publication due for release is the ATP 7-100.3, Chinese Tactics. To accompany the release of this publication, TRADOC G-2 will deliver a number of LPD sessions to educate the force on Chinese tactics.

The first opportunity to participate in this coming series of events is scheduled for 10 August @ 1000-1200 CST. These information sessions will provide members of the Army training community an opportunity to connect directly with the primary author of this new doctrine and engage in both lecture and a discussion/Q&A. This first session will be hosted via Army 365. To find out more information, contact Angela Williams:

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