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The Republic of Gabal is a relatively new democracy, having emerged from joint rule by two Western European countries in 1977. Gabal faces numerous political, social, and economic challenges that have undercut the effectiveness and legitimacy of its government since independence was declared. Tribal politics run deep within the government and the country is deeply federalized among tribal lines. Issues associated with climate change, however, have largely united the country in recent years, as Gabal, along with many other small island nations, seek to influence global climate change politics. The Republic of Gabal’s military serves more as a symbol of the country’s independence from its neighbors than it serves as any true fighting force. Due to its small size, the Gabal military possesses little offensive capabilities and is no threat to any of its neighboring countries. The Gabal military also lacks the ability to defend itself against any major external threat. The military’s main purpose is the prevention of illegal fishing activities in the country’s territorial waters.