Privacy Policy

Your Trust,
Our Priority


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At TRADOC G2, we value your privacy and aim to keep things simple. Here's a friendly breakdown of our privacy practices, ensuring you feel confident about your online experience.

Your Information, Your Control

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Contact Forms and Communication

When you share personal information through our Contact Us form, like your email or postal address, we use it solely to respond to your inquiry. Your data is never shared with private organizations, and we don't create individual profiles. We're here to assist, not to invade your privacy.


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Site Management for Better Service

We collect information for statistical purposes only. This helps us understand what you find interesting, refine technical aspects, and improve our site. Rest assured, this data is used in the aggregate, respecting your privacy while enhancing your experience.

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Security: Our Top Priority

To ensure your safety and maintain service availability, we use software to monitor network traffic. This helps us prevent unauthorized activities that could harm the site or compromise information. Your security is our utmost priority.

Cookies: Making Your Experience Better

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When you visit, your browser may download a small file (a "cookie") to enhance future experiences. These first-party cookies store non-personally identifiable information and help us understand visitor interactions. You're in control, as you can manage cookies through your browser settings.
Opting out won't limit your access to information and services, though certain parts of the website may take a bit longer to navigate without cookies.

Third-Party Websites: Respectful Collaboration

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We use third-party websites and applications to enhance communication efforts. While these sites may collect Personally Identifiable Information (PII), they operate independently. Your data is not used beyond what's made available to all users. Your privacy is a top priority.

Questions or Comments? We're Listening.

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If you have questions or comments about our privacy practices, reach out to us through our Contact Us page. Your trust matters, and we're committed to providing a secure and transparent online experience for all.

For additional details on U.S. Army website management policy, visit the CIO/G-6 Policy Branch website.