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OE Watch MAR 2021, Vol 11, Iss 03

OE Watch, Vol. 11 (Iss. 03)

This OE Watch contains 26 foreign article reviews spanning over 22 different regions and countries covering Operational Environment topics from the foreign perspective for the US Army leader, development, training and education community, as well as others in governmental, analytic, and academic communities.

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3 Russian Peacekeeping Operation in Nagorno-Karabakh
4 Few Elite in the Russian Military
5 Quadcopter UAVs to Be Used by Russian Ground Forces
6 Russian Coastal Defense Division Forming to Protect Chukotka Peninsula and Northeast Entry to North Sea Route
7 Innovation in the Russian Military
8 Russia Strengthens Ties with Loyalist Christian Militias in Syria’s Hama Province
10 Challenges Ahead for Turkish Air Force
12 The Future of the Turkish Air Force’s 5th-Generation Capabilities
14 A Turkish Perspective on Open Source Intelligence in the Digital Age

16 China’s Concept of “Intelligentization”: Self-Teaching Systems
17 China’s Next Step in Modernization: Developing Effective Integrated Joint Operations
19 President Xi issues 2021 Training Mobilization Order
20 Vietnamese Advisor Recalls Battle of the Paracel Islands with China

21 Tensions Escalate between Kurds and the Syrian Regime
23 Zuljanah: Iran’s New Solid-Fuel Rocket
24 Iran: Enemies Will Be Destroyed with Missile Power
25 Iran: Reconstruction and Overhaul of Helicopters
26 Growing Iranian Influence Near the Border with Israel in Southwest Syria
28 Continued Growth and Development in Domestic High-Tech Military Industries of Saudi Arabia and the UAE

30 South Africa: Too Many High Ranking Officers, Too Little Money
31 Uganda: Museveni’s Strategic Use of Violence to Retain the Presidency
32 Nigeria: Governor Wants Mercenaries to Combat Boko Haram

33 Mexico Arrests Police Accused of Human Rights Abuses
34 Colombia Creates Elite Commando Unit to Combat Venezuela-Based Rebels
35 Brazil’s Open Border Policy Runs into Steadfast Peru
38 Argentina Worried about Foreign Vessels in the South Atlantic

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