Exercise Support Application

ESA – Your Gateway to Exercise Excellence

Introducing the TRADOC G-2 Exercise Support Application (ESA) – your go-to online hub for exercise content. With ESA, exercise management becomes a breeze.

  • CAC Required: ESA opens its doors exclusively to users with a Common Access Card (CAC), ensuring secure access.
  • Organized Content: Navigate through neatly organized folders and subfolders, simplifying your search for exercise materials.
  • View and Download: ESA lets you effortlessly view and download exercise content for quick reference or reuse, putting valuable resources at your fingertips.
  • Aligned with ReARMM: ESA hosts exercises aligned with the Regionally Aligned Readiness and Modernization Model (ReARMM), ensuring relevance and effectiveness.
  • Global Scope: Explore exercises set in the Decisive Action Training Environment, broadening your training horizons.
  • Request Support: Need assistance or planning support? ESA has you covered with the ‘Add Your Exercise’ and ‘Request For Support’ portals.

Experience exercise excellence with ESA – where organization meets accessibility. Elevate your training today!

Enhanced Access Instructions for ESA:

ESA is a CAC required application.

 Access from Personal or Commercial Machines:

Access from Government Machines:

Utilize NIPR or VPN-enabled connections for secure access.

Accessing from outside the Army365 community:

Currently Microsoft 365 DoD cloud service contains multiple “tenants”, each individually secured and requiring individual login. To access ESA from a tenant outside of A365:

  1. Navigate to the A365 Access Package to request a Guest Account.
  2. Enter a Business Justification and Submit.
  3. Authentication will be granted shortly after. Once received users can access the ESA Application and content seamlessly.