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The intent of this resource is to provide a launching point for Soldiers who wish to develop scenarios and content for training.  Here you will find links to a number of tools that will aid in the development process, along with documentation and examples.


Provides the US Army training community with a singular unified scalable training environment in order to facilitate training across live, virtual, and constructive events.  Scroll down the page for direct access to specific DATE resources.

  • Enables training for all US Army essential tasks

  • Facilitates training for LSCO in multi domain environments in any echelon (Team to Corps)

  • Is institutionalized across professional military education and training

  • Provides IC-validated, realistic, and relevant conditions and adversaries for unclassified training

  • Includes mapping and geospatial support

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China Landing Zone – All
things China tailored for all

Russia Landing Zone– All things
Russia tailored for all purposes.

The Worldwide Equipment Guide provides unclassified data on the real-world equipment of the notional DATE countries.

DATE – Donovia


What is DATE?

Introducing DATE Indo-Pacific

Threats to 2030


The ATP 7-100.1 describes Russian tactics for use in Army training, professional education, and leader development. It is part of the ATP 7-100 series that addresses a nation-state’s military doctrine with a focus on army ground forces and tactical operations in offense, defense, and related mission sets.

The ATP 7-100.3 presents an unclassified assessment of how China would execute tactics and techniques if the US were the enemy. It provides information to US and partner audiences to help them to prepare to face China as a pacing challenge.

TC 7-100.2 outlines the tactical-level doctrine of an OPFOR that primarily represents the armed forces of a nation-state.

Geared towards intel and planning professionals, the Threat Tactics Course (TTC) delivers personalized instruction in two phases: Phase 1 examines the why in tactical decisions and is recommended for all leaders in tactical formations who want to improve their understanding and decision-making and how to best employ US force capabilities and ways to counter threat tactics. Phase 2 is instructor-delivered via remote or in-person MTT and expands on Phase 1 concepts, Practical Exercises, and drills.

A self-paced, virtual training program, the Virtual OPFOR Academy partnered with Combat Training Centers to ensure accurate application of enemy tactics at the company level and below. 


The TC 7-101 Exercise Design guide outlines a methodology for designing and executing training exercises. It describes planning procedures and methodologies, responsibilities, and analysis for those who plan and control Army exercises intended as culminating collective training events that critically assess unit-training status.

Real world operations are impacted by the internet and social media.
Train for it. ION provides a
replicated digital environment
for your exercise with
replicated social media,
open-source research material,
critical exercise-specific data.

Model political, economic, and social factors of your operational
environment. Combat-proven
Athena helps assess changes
and improve your situational
understanding of the OE with
decision support.

If you’re looking for a place to start planning your next exercise, start with one of dozens already completed on the Exercise
Support Application
Containing complete support
packages at various echelons,
most come with a Road to War,
intelligence injects, and even
OPORDERs to kick off
your own event.

The DATE Events List provides a small sample of possible events in any DATE scenario. These events characterize a broad range of threats and challenges in any operational environment, envisioned by current and emerging Army doctrine.


Offensive and defensive indicators and warnings table.
OPFOR Tactical Task cards.

Signature of Equipment Series: Russia


Table 1. Russian Air Defense

Table 1.2. Russian Counter-battery Radars

Table 1.3. Russian Early Warning Radars

Table 1.4. Russian Ground Surveillance Radars


Computer-Based Instruction, open to all. Includes fundamentals, OPFOR mindset, Selected Tactics (Approx. 8 hours).

Use this interactive training material to learn about PLA Army Combined Arms Brigade’s activities during Offense, Defense, Reconnaissance, Fires, and Logistics.

Use this interactive training material to learn about Russian army activities during Offense, Defense, Reconnaissance, Fires, and Logistics.

The web-based Observed Fire Trainer from OE Games allows students to practice calling for fire at the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels at the replicated Fort Sill range.

Test your skills before hitting the course in one of three
semi-forested environments

How fast can you visually identify these pieces of US and
Chinese equipmentcorrectly? Beginner to Advanced levels.

Truly test your identification skills with equipment in a simulated obscured environment. Or explore hundreds of 3D weapon systems from Iran, China, North Korea, Russia, and NATO. Intermediate to Advanced


The Training Adversary System Support Centre (TASSC) is a sub-unit of Australian Army Training and Doctrine Command supporting the development and delivery of DATE and related training products and services.  It consists of the The Operating Environment (OE) Team, the Training Integration (TI) Team, and the ION Team.
The Protected Internet eXchange (PiX) is a US Government-sponsored platform for sharing unclassified information and is accredited to hold up to CUI, LES, and LIMDIS. It is secure yet accessible; it can be accessed using any Internet connection, even a mobile phone. PiX is ideal for multi-organization efforts requiring the exchange of sensitive information, and offers users support from content editors, technical staff, and training personnel. (Account required)

Looking for all things JIPOE / IPB? This is it!! This is our passion project. We are here to help analysts improve their knowledge, expand their resources, and enhance their tradecraft. Within this channel we provide content that is geared toward walking you through tips, tricks, hints, and demonstrate leading examples of how to conduct analysis in order to visualize and describes threats in the operating environment so decision makers can make informed decisions in an effective and timely manner.

Hannibal are part of the British Army Collective Training Group. They are responsible for delivering the British Army’s Operational Environment and Threat Actors used for exercises, simulations, and experiments. They also train, prepare, and deploy Task Force Hannibal during field exercises. Task Force Hannibal are a free-thinking, challenging and doctrinally accurate adversary who are always capable of winning.