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Preliminary Lessons in Conventional Warfighting

Preliminary Lessons in Conventional Warfighting

from Russia's Invasion of Ukraine:
February - July 2022

Validating Key Assessments on Russia

Validating our Key Assessments on Russia

Read up on what we've learned 5 months into the Russia-Ukraine conflict

China Landing Zone

Want to learn more about China?

See the China Landing Zone

How Russia Fights 2.0

How Russia Fights 2.0

The Convergence -
An Army Mad Scientist Podcast

MadSci Info Advantage


Read about China and Russia's Information Advantage

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Start here to see important TRADOC-G2 videos with challenges the U.S. Army must prepare for. This site is CAC enabled.
Use this interactive training material to learn about Russian army activities during Offense, Defense, Reconnaissance, Fires, and Logistics.
These one-page infographics provide snapshots of important characteristics about Russia.
This short video depicts why Russia has emerged as the U.S. Pacing Challenge and how the Russian Army is preparing for future warfare. (CAC Required)

Russian Army Warfighting Functions and how the
Russian Army fights

Russian Army Warfighting Functions

Click on the icons to learn more of how the Russian Army Fights >>