TRADOC G-2 produces a training tool called the Worldwide Equipment Guide (WEG). The WEG exists to support opposing force (OPFOR) portrayals in training events (constructive, virtual, live, and gaming). As such, the equipment portrayed in the WEG is representative of military systems, including variants and upgrades, that U.S. forces may encounter now and in the foreseeable future. In order to keep the WEG updated, and ensure the OPFOR equipment remains realistic and relevant for training, TRADOC G-2 analysts continually track real-world developments, capabilities, and trends.

Last month, the TRADOC G-2 WEG team prioritized delivering updated Chinese equipment to the TRADOC G-2 training community of interest. As part of a significant update and overhaul to the DATE World Pacific region, the WEG team added 67 new pieces of equipment and updated 161 existing WEG sheets during the month of November. See the link below for details on the systems added or updated.


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