Training With TRADOC G-2

The 3 colors of TRADOC.

Enhancing Military Proficiency

TRADOC G2 offers several different training opportunities, leveraging subject matter experts from across the DoD and academia. The Joint ISR program provides training for real-world missions and provides unmatched mentorships during exercises. The Network Engagement Team is a unique program that matches experts from joint forces and academia to train methodologies focused on human networks. The Threat Tactics Course introduces interactive training, across two phases, to expand foundational knowledge on Opposing Forces concepts and capabilities. The availability of these courses equips military professionals with a range of opportunities fostering skill development, strategic insights, and operational preparedness. 

Joint ISR

The 3 colors of TRADOC.

The Joint ISR Integration (JISR-I) program collaborates with various training and joint service organizations to equip units and personnel for successful execution of ISR and Collection Management tasks in challenging multi-domain settings. Through strategic partnerships, up-to-date tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs), and insights from previous experiences, the program delivers unmatched, realistic training focused on operational environments, along with valuable mentorship and coaching.

Network Engagement

The 3 colors of TRADOC.

The Network Engagement Team (NET) is a unique unit under the leadership of TRADOC and bolstered by the Joint Staff, J-7 Joint National Training Capability (JNTC). Focused on deepening comprehension and interaction within human networks, NET offers customized training solutions designed to fulfill precise mission needs.

Threat Tactics Course

The 3 colors of TRADOC.

The Opposing Force (OPFOR) Threats Tactics Course (TTC) offers fundamental training in OPFOR concepts and capabilities, employing functional tactics as a framework for optimal tactical strategies. Leveraging computer-based tools, expert guidance, real-world examples, and hands-on exercises, the course ensures students gain comprehensive knowledge and skills in tactical best practices. This training equips participants to simulate a realistic and formidable adversary, meeting the exacting standards necessary for U.S. Army training events.