APPLY OE Apps & Capabilities

The 3 colors of TRADOC.

Experience unparalleled training readiness with our suite of innovative tools and applications. From immersive OE Applications like the Information Operations Network (ION) and the OE Data Integration Network (ODIN) to Scenario Development expertise ensuring realistic training scenarios, and Modeling and Simulations providing invaluable insights, our solutions optimize performance for modern warfare complexities. Explore and engage with our cutting-edge technologies for enhanced readiness today.


The 3 colors of TRADOC.

Enhance your exercise with OE Applications and tools, geared towards optimizing training planning, effectiveness, and readiness. From the Information Operations Network (ION) providing immersive web replication to the OE Data Integration Network (ODIN), your trusted digital resource for the WEG, DATE, Force Structures, and both TC 7-100 & ATP 7-100 series, we've got you covered. Plus, don't forget our TRADOC G-2 Exercise Support Application, your online repository for Army, Joint, and Coalition training exercises.



TRADOC G-2 Exercise Support Application hosts past Army, Joint, and Coalition exercises. Enabling exercise reuse through simple user interaction and material manipulation.



TRADOC G-2 Information Operations Network (ION), replicating the World Wide Web for immersive training experience and stimulation, filling a crucial Information Environment gap.



TRADOC G-2 ODIN serves as the digital hub for the WEG, DATE, Force Structures, and both TC & ATP 7-100 series, employing standardized technology for ongoing updates.

Scenario Development

The 3 colors of TRADOC.

Scenario development entails crafting a comprehensive and authentic framework of conditions, circumstances, and influences—referred to as the operational environment—that Soldiers might face during a training exercise. This process ensures that training scenarios are vivid, relevant, and conducive to effective learning.

Modeling & Simulations

The 3 colors of TRADOC.

The TRADOC G-2 M&S Division plays a vital role in supporting the Army Modeling and Simulation Office (AMSO) and its six M&S-enabled communities: Analysis, Acquisition, Intelligence, Training, Test and Evaluation, and Experimentation. We meticulously assess requirements for Operational Environment (OE) and Opposing Force (OPFOR) threat capabilities by considering a wide range of factors, including political, military, economic, social, information, infrastructure, physical environment, and time (PMESII-PT) variables. This comprehensive approach ensures strong support for military operations and enhances readiness.