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Welcome to OE Apps, where learning meets engagement through our diverse suite of interactive training tools. Designed to enhance military training experiences, our apps cater to a range of skill levels, providing an immersive and dynamic platform for skill development. From ESA as a scenario repositoryour Observed Fire Training for simulating call for fires, or our Land Navigation Trainer, OE Apps is your gateway to a new era of interactive and effective training. 


The 3 colors of TRADOC.
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Discover ESA, your one-stop platform for U.S. Army, Joint, and Coalition Partner Training exercises. Effortlessly browse, download, and share exercise materials with intuitive organization and a powerful search feature. Since 2008, TRADOC G-2 has been leading the way, supporting the development of numerous exercises annually. While ESA offers a wealth of knowledge, if you encounter restrictions, our Support Portals are ready to provide additional resources upon request.

odin: oe data integration network

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We take real-world Operational Environments and translate those OEs into the Decisive Action Training Environment (DATE) to enable training across the US and Coalition forces, in an unclassified releasable format. Located in ODIN, DATE offers thinly veiled real-world intelligence to train any task in the Army Universal Task List. 



DATE is used worldwide, from combat training centers to Army schools, including ROTC and Officer Professional Military Education. Our allies have also adopted DATE to build interoperability through training.


We deliver tools and scenarios and accredit the use of DATE and the OE army-wide. For instance, we annually accredit the OE at the CTCs, ensuring operational forces face challenging scenarios from potential adversaries.

ION: Information Operations

The 3 colors of TRADOC.

TRADOC G2 has the requirement to deliver the OE for training. To enable the Publicly Available Information (PAI) portion of the OE, TRADOC G2 has developed the Information Operations Network (ION), a government off-the-shelf system designed to emulate the complexities of the World Wide Web. This innovative solution addresses a critical gap in the Information Environment during training events, providing a realistic and dynamic platform. 


Observed Fire Trainer:
Master Call for Fires Online

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Master the art of calling for fire with the web-based Observed Fire Trainer. Practice at beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels in a controlled online environment, simulating the experience of the Fort Sill range. Elevate your proficiency in fire calls with this immersive and effective training tool.


Land Navigation:
Practice with two Unique Environments

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Test your land navigation skills with our Land Navigation trainer. Navigate through your choice of a semi-forested or a desert environment, honing your abilities before hitting the course. OE Games provides a dynamic and interactive platform for skill development, ensuring you're well-prepared for real-world challenges.