Remote Access & Distributed Learning Modes ​

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(JKO & Remote Sessions)​

Remote learning and training sessions via alternative means that provide remote access to Joint ISR, Collection Management,  and Information Collection specifics topics.  ​


KEY COMPETENCIES: Informational OE Specific Lessons, Distributed Learning​, Convenient & ​ Remotely Accessibility and JISR / CM Focused Training​.
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Joint Knowledge Online​

JISR-20010 Joint ISR Staff Integration Course​

Nine CAC accessible, self paced Joint ISR and Collection Management courses. These courses (1-2 hours) are designed for specific operational and training environment to provide detailed information on best practices, TTPs, and lessons learned

  • Joint ISR and Information Collection(IC) Integration at NTC and JRTC​
  • Joint ISR and IC Integration Best Practices and Lesson
  • Learned (NTC & JRTC)​
  • Joint ISR Staff Integration Course​
  • Collection Management Course (CENTCOM AOR)​
  • Various others Operational Environment specific JISR, CM, and IC set of courses​

An abridged, tailored ISR-303 Collection Operation Management course that provides a working knowledge of Joint intelligence collection planning, organization, requirements development, and prioritization related to current best practices ​

  • ISR-303 CRM ​
  • ISR-303 COM (training only)​
  • ISR-303 Joint Engagement Training ​
  • JISR Staff Synchronization w/Senior Leaders Overview ​
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Distance Learning Sessions​

(1-3 days)
(Remote Session via SVTC / MS Teams)​