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Understand the Threats

The 3 colors of TRADOC.

TRADOC G-2 conducts thorough threat assessments and analyses to understand the geopolitical landscape, potential adversaries, and emerging threats. This involves monitoring global events, studying foreign military capabilities, and analyzing intelligence reports.

Insights Into China's
Military Strategies

The 3 colors of TRADOC.

Stay informed with resources on China's military influence, key doctrine concepts, and PLA tactics, as well as engage with TRADOC G-2 experts for questions and feedback. Access short-form Threat Minutes videos and one-page infographics to quickly grasp the essentials of China's military strategies. Explore open-source, foreign perspective insights into lesser-studied aspects of the operational environment. 

Unlocking Russian
Military Insights

The 3 colors of TRADOC.

To gain a deep understanding of Russia, delve into the dynamics of military strategies and vulnerabilities and explore various topics from the Foreign Military Studies Office’s (FMSO) exploration of Russian influence in Iran to Chatham House's revelations on air defense, and stay updated with the latest in Russia's cyber landscape though the Cyber Center of Excellence's Intelligence Minute Report. TRADOC brings you insightful videos on the Russia-Ukraine conflict, Smart Phones' role in conflict, and Large Scale Combat Operations (LSCO) challenges. Engage with interactive training materials and join the How They Fight Community to unravel the complexities of Russian military tactics.