This OE Watch contains 59 foreign article reviews spanning over 30 different regions and countries covering Operational Environment topics from the foreign perspective for the US Army leader, development, training and education community, as well as others in governmental, analytic, and academic communities.

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3 Capabilities of the 2S35 Koalitsiya-SV Self-Propelled Howitzer
4 9K51M Tornado-G MLRS Gets New Two-Stage Munition
5 Russian Aerospace Forces, Ground Forces, and Navy Air Defense Systems Under Single C2 System
7 Russia Fields First S-300V4 Brigade in the Far East to Deter US
9 Corvette Missile Firings in the Arctic
10 Potential Equipping of Russian Naval Infantry with the BMP-3F
11 Russian Exoskeleton Development
13 The Russian BMPT Terminator is Going Into Limited Production to Test “Brigades of the Future”
15 Russia Going “Green” for Kavkaz 2020
16 Autumn Conscription Campaign Begins in Russia
17 Russia’s Young Army Journalists
18 Strengthening Political Loyalty of the Russian National Guard
19 Crazy Russian Military Propaganda?
20 The Function of the Russian-Armenian United Group of Forces
21 Georgian Deputy Minister Says No Military Cargo to Nagorno Karabakh via Georgia
23 Kazakh Peacekeeping Exercise
24 Fresh Water Woes for Crimea
25 Catalonian Separatism Examined Anew

26 China’s Push for Key Military Innovations Heats Up as Tensions Rise
27 China Launches Another Gaofen Satellite: Potential Military Applications
28 A Look At the Chinese Effort to Lure Top Tier AI Experts… Including Chinese Experts
30 PLA Fields New Rapid-Assembly Camp System
31 China: Employing UAVs in Intelligentized Air Operations
32 A Chinese Perspective on Intelligent Warfare and Future Urban Operations
34 A Chinese Scholar’s Analysis on Border Clashes with India
35 Cracks in the Avengers Initiative.or.The feasibility of Cooperation Between the SCO, CSTO and CIS
36 India’s Push for Border Roads
38 Philippines Military Sees Imminent End to Communist Insurgency
39 Indonesia Releases Terrorism Recidivism Report

40 Turkey to Mass-Produce Anti-Ship Missile
42 The Role of Turkey’s Drones in Military Engagements Abroad
43 Air Defense Systems Hunter: Drone Swarms and Loitering Munitions
44 The Threat of Salafism in Turkey
46 Observers Note Militarization of Turkish Foreign Policy
48 The Quds Brigade: Palestinian Militia Emerges as Key Russian Partner in Syria
50 A New Arab-Israel Axis Against Iran? Where Does Saudi Arabia Stand?
51 Iran Navy Soon to Field Abu Mahdi Cruise Missile
52 Iran Unveils Intelligent Combat Robot
53 The University Jihad Stands Together with the Defense Jihad
54 Russia Settling into Strategic ‘Oil Crescent’ in Libya
56 The New Face of Iraq’s Shiite Militias
58 Radars and UAVs: Saudi Arabia Taking Steps to Localize Military Industries
61 UAE Expansion into Space Yields Positive Earthly Results

63 Corruption Frequently Plagues African Arms Deals
64 Do Deficiencies in Governance Justify Coups? The African Union Says “No”
65 South African National Defence Force Losing Strategic Capabilities
66 Nigerian Governor Reacts to Boko Haram Attack in Baga
67 Al-Shabaab Successfully Recruits in Kenya’s Isiola County
68 As Lake Chad Shrinks, Terrorism Grows
69 Tensions Flare Again on the Kenya-Somalia Border
70 Algeria Calibrates Greater Security Role in Mali
71 Zimbabwe Considers Counter-Terrorism Operations in Mozambique
72 COVID-19 Pandemic Fuels Violence Against Women

73 Mexico Narco Update
74 Mexican Cartels Turn to the Dark Web for Drug Operations
75 Signal Inhibitors Seized in Two Recent Raids Against CJNG in Mexico
76 China’s Fishing Pirates Loot the Americas
78 Barbados Red Flag
79 Venezuela Update

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