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OE Watch JUL 2021, Vol 11, Iss 07

OE Watch, Vol. 11 (Iss. 07)

This OE Watch contains 28 foreign article reviews spanning over 30 different regions and countries covering Operational Environment topics from the foreign perspective for the US Army leader, development, training and education community, as well as others in governmental, analytic, and academic communities. This issue can be downloaded at FMSO’s website: 

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3 China’s Conceptualization Work on UAVs: Toward an Unmanned Battlefield
4 China Incorporates Electronic Warfare UAVs into Complex Training
5 Kiribati Denies Chinese Upgrading of Airstrip Is Military Related
6 Chinese Warplane Confrontation in Malaysian Airspace Raises Regional Concerns
7 Corridor Opened in Azeri-Armenia Ceasefire Might Strengthen Turkish-Chinese Relations
9 Morocco Looking Increasingly to China in Western Sahara Dispute with Algeria


11 Russian UAVs Envisioned to Replace Manned Reconnaissance Aviation
13 Russia Employing Little Known Aviation Mines
14 Russian Engagement of British Naval Vessel in Black Sea Preceded by Mysterious Incident
15 Russia Deploying Anti-NATO Air Assets in Belarus Under Guise of Training
16 Russian Ice-Class Ship Gets Stuck in the Ice
17 Russia’s Arctic Population Falling


18 Fresh Insights into Iran’s New Military Base in Syria
20 Crypto-Mining Destabilizing Iran’s Electrical Grid
21 Iran’s New Dam Probably Supplementing IRCG Funding
22 Iran Protests Existing Space Conventions


23 Key Colombian Guerrilla Killed During Border Clash in Venezuela
24 The Shadow of ISIS: Challenges to Iraqi Families from Syria’s al-Hawl Refugee Camp
26 Syria and Yemen: Summer Camps and Youth Groups in Pro-Iranian Groups’ Recruitment, Training and Indoctrination
28 Chadian Rebel Leader Explains Movement’s Mission
29 Death of Boko Haram Leader Reflects Growing Strength of Islamic State West Africa Province


30 Mexico’s Election and the Significant Level of Violence against Candidates
31 Nicaragua’s Daniel Ortega Eliminates Political Opposition Before Reelection Campaign
32 Why Peacekeeping Missions in Africa Often Fail to Stop Conflicts
33 Turkey’s Military Partnerships with Poland and Ukraine Strain Relations with Russia
35 Greece and Saudi Arabia Tighten Military Cooperation
37 The Impact of Territorial Changes in Nagorno Karabakh
39 India Expanding Domestic Defense Industry’s Negative Import List

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