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TRADOC G-2 has just released the latest publication of the Red Diamond newsletter.

This edition of the Red Diamond provides our readers with information about the various products and services TRADOC G-2 offers to support and guide you through writing scenarios and developing exercises. We strive to ensure our users are informed about the myriad resources available to them. Reading through these articles will arm you with information about how, when, and why to use DATE World to meet training objectives, ranging from classroom applications to CTCs. It will explain how and why visualizations can enhance your training, and how understanding human networks enhances training and reflects reality. There is also a description of several tools and applications readily available for users to create and enhance training. Finally, we’ve included an article about the forthcoming ATPs on threat tactics, which are unique in their discussion of how these actors might behave if facing the United States.

TSI Summer 2021

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