This OE Watch contains 28 foreign article reviews spanning over 30 different regions and countries covering Operational Environment topics from the foreign perspective for the US Army leader, development, training and education community, as well as others in governmental, analytic, and academic communities.

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3 China To Build World-Class Talent Base To Gain “Competitive Advantage”
5 “Degradation Operations:” A New Chinese Interpretation of Asymmetric Concepts
6 Chinese Soldiers Temporarily Detained by Indian Forces in Disputed Territory
8 Chinese Incursions Prompting Indonesia To Step Up Patrols in North Natuna Sea

9 Zapad-2021 Showcases New Russian Reserve System
12 More Russian Conscripts Entering the Ranks with Vocational Certificates
13 Russia Continues To Invest in Precision-Guided Munitions That Are Not Dependent on Satellite Navigation
17 Russia Moves Forward with New Restrictions on Military Reporting
18 Russia Conducts Arctic Operation in Conjunction with Zapad-2021
19 Russian and Norwegian Coast Guards Resume Cooperation in Arctic
20 Migrants in “Hybrid War”: An Old Trick in Post-Soviet Space

21 Iran Unveils New Radar and Simulator, Continues Trend in Self-Sufficiency
22 Iran: Khamenei Speaks on America’s Afghanistan Withdrawal
23 Iran Vows Action Against Iraqi Kurdistan-Based Insurgents

24 Impact of Taliban’s Return to Power on Syrian and Turkish Extremists Still Unknown
25 Turkey Seeking To Play Leading Role in Afghanistan
27 Russia Planning To End Rebellion in Daraa Province and Sideline Iran
29 Terrorist Cells Increasingly Active in Sudan

30 Morocco and Algeria Bolstering Their Drone Fleets as Bilateral Tensions Rise
32 Sanctioned Iranian Airline Shipping Arms to Venezuela
33 Turkish Armed Forces Acquire Technologically Advanced Drone
34 Turkey’s Balancing Act With Its Allies and Russia
36 Syria Set for Return to the Middle East Stage
38 Increased Military Cooperation in the Caucasus Raise Concern in Iran and Russia
39 Tajikistan and Uzbekistan Differ in Response to New Taliban Government
40 India and Pakistan Participating in Shanghai Cooperation Organization Smoothly but Unevenly
41 Argentina Looks To Rebuild Its Air Force with Pakistani-Chinese Fighter Jet
42 Mali Possibly Weighing Use of Russian Mercenaries as French Counterterrorism Forces Draw Down

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