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OE Watch 01 2022, Vol 12, Iss 04

OE Watch, Vol. 12 (Iss. 04)

This OE Watch contains 24 foreign article reviews spanning over 30 different regions and countries covering Operational Environment topics from the foreign perspective for the US Army leader, development, training and education community, as well as others in governmental, analytic, and academic communities.

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Its Table of Contents is here:

3 Chinese Brigade Makes Improvements to Command Information System
4 China and Taiwan Explain Key Differences Between Cross-Strait Relations and Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine
6 New Development in PLA Close Air Support

7 Russian Public Approval of Military Likely To Decline over Use of Conscripts in Ukraine
8 Kremlin Pushing False Narrative About Ukraine to Russian School Children
9 Kremlin Recasting Ukraine Invasion as “Third Patriotic War”
10 Russia’s BARS Reserve System Takes Shape
12 Russia Fields the “Zemledeliye” Engineering System for Remote Mining
14 Russian Railroad Troops’ Trains Will Be Robotized
16 Azerbaijan and Russia Seek Improved Relations
18 Invasion of Ukraine Spotlights Russia’s Information, Intelligence Operations in Latin America

19 Iran: Emphasizing Religiosity in Regular Army Promotions
20 Iran Uses Online War Games To Teach Younger Generation of Officers
21 Iran’s Supreme Leader Condemns Alleged Corruption of the West
23 Iran Repositions Its Proxies in Syria as Russia Turns Focus to Ukraine

25 Colombian Military Continues To Forcefully Dismantle FARC Dissident Structures
26 Somalia: How Al Shabaab’s Arsenal Grows
27 Nigerian Governor Assures Counterterrorism Success Against Boko Haram

28 Turkey Tries To Mitigate Economic Impact of Sanctions on Russia
30 CSTO Members Respond to Potential Involvement in Ukraine
32 Some Latin American Countries Responsive to Russian Entreaties To Remain Silent on Ukraine War
33 African Leaders Take Cautious Approach to Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine
34 Senegal and Algeria Opposed to Their Citizens Fighting in Ukraine
35 Saudi Arabia Turns to China for Low-Altitude Air Defense

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