How Russia Fights

Cyber Center of Excellence: The latest Cyber Intelligence Minute Report (CIMR)

The Cyber Center of Excellence develops Minute Reports providing overviews of a number of topics:

“CAC Required”


Infographic on Russian Army Groups, which are organized for strategic and operational purposes, allowing for coordinated military actions over a broader front or in specific theaters of operation.



Russian Denial and Deception

(U)_230925_Russian_Denial and Deception.pptx


Minute Report providing a brief overview of the Russian Space program.



Article on the death of Yevgeny Prigozhin

(U) 230825 Prigozhin’s death.pptx


A series of Cyber Intelligence Minute Reports focusing on the Strategic and Operational environment of Russia.  The three areas they concentrated on were 1) Military and Security Leadership, 2) How they Fight, and 3) Anti-Access and Area Denial.

(U)_230807_Russia How They Fight.pptx
(U)_230821_Russian_Anti-Access_Area Denial.pptx

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