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OE Watch 2023, Vol 13, Iss 07

OE Watch, Vol. 13 (Iss. 07)

This OE Watch contains 21 foreign article reviews spanning over multiple different regions and countries covering Operational Environment security topics from the foreign perspective for the US Army leader, development, training, and education community, as well as others in governmental, analytic, and academic communities.

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Its Table of Contents is here:

3 Chinese Officials Justify Reaction to Western Presence in Taiwan Strait
6 Honduran Presidential Visit Kicks Off New Relations With China
8 People’s Liberation Army Transitioning From “Informationized” to Intelligent Warfare Concepts
10 People’s Liberation Army Continues To Integrate Intelligent Technology Into Training

12 The Splitting of the Russian Western Military District
14 Russia Positions Non-Strategic Nuclear Weapons in Belarus
16 Russia and China Expanding Coast Guard Cooperation in Arctic
18 Russia Possibly Courting Eritrea for Red Sea Naval Base?

20 Iran Claims New Flight Simulator Will Enhance National Power
22 Iran’s Simorgh Transport Plane Makes Maiden Flight
24 Iran Indicates Plans To Commercialize Nuclear Technology, Sell Heavy Water
26 Iran’s Persistent and Growing Influence in Latin America

28 Taliban Responds to UN Reports Claiming Taliban Rule Aids Terrorist Expansion
30 French Researchers Respond to Wave of Anti-French Sentiment in Africa
32 Sahelian Countries Divided on Negotiating With Al-Qaeda, Islamic State Militants

34 Scandal Threatens Stability of Colombia’s First Leftist Government
36 Pakistan’s Defense Industry Publishes New Weapon Systems Roadmap
38 Armenia Questions Continuing Its Membership in Russia-Led Regional Security Body
40 India’s Security Engagement With Egypt and Saudi Arabia Evolving
42 Iran’s Proposed Maritime Security Alliance Draws Mixed Reviews
44 Malian Special Forces Sustain Collaboration With Russia’s Wagner Group

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