Will to Fight 21st Century Insights from the Russo Ukrainian war

Will to Fight: Twenty First Century Insights from the Russo-Ukrainian War

by Benjamin A. Okonofua, PhD; Nicole Laster-Loucks, PhD; Lt. Col. Andrew Johnson, U.S. Army, Retired

The Russo-Ukrainian War is a complex and enduring confrontation that warrants a nuanced exploration of the forces driving the determination, capacity, and narrative of the warring parties. These forces coalesce to produce a “will to fight,” an often under analyzed component in warfare. Will to fight is a composite of psychological resilience, physical capability and capacity, and ideological conviction which compels individuals, groups, and nations to engage and persevere in combat. It develops at the individual level, extends to the national level, and is necessary to win. Utilizing the backdrop of the Russo-Ukrainian, this article, “"Will to Fight": Twenty-First-Century Insights from the Russo-Ukraine War,” examines the crucial role that psychological, physical, and ideological elements play in determining the outcomes of military conflicts.

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