Learning Objective:

Train selected individuals in the functionality capabilities, and integration of social network analysis processes into the targeting cycle using the Organizational Risk Analyzer (ORA) software suite and the ANAT methodology. Objective is to enable the student to apply SNA principles and the ORA software to rapidly identify key network nodes that, if engaged, will likely yield specific, desired effects on the network. This also facilitates achieving broader Network Engagement objectives to, support friendly networks, influence neutral networks, and neutralize threat networks.

Course Outline:

Seven modules with integrated software labs and capstone practical exercise

  • Mod 1 – ANAT Overview
  • Mod 2 – Social Network Analysis (ANAT 101)
  • Mod 3 – ORA software and Input
  • Mod 4 – Algebra Fusion
  • Mod 5 – Meta-Networks
  • Mod 6 – Tools and Reports
  • Mod 7 – Capstone Exercise

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