ThreatMinutes-Russia on YouTube

RUS Example Row

Following the popular ThreatMinutes–China series on YouTube, the first wave of ThreatMinutes focused on the Russian ground forces, launched on 22 March 2024.   These short (< 60 seconds!) unclassified videos continue the effort to introduce foundational information and concepts about real-world threats and the training opposing force (OPFOR) to the broadest possible audience. These videos…


ThreatMinutes: Empowering Soldiers With Bite-Sized Digital Learning

ThreatMinutes PLAA sample cover

Although it is crucial for Soldiers to stay up to date with the latest information about rapidly evolving threats and opposing forces, the traditional approach of disseminating lengthy and complex intelligence documents or in-person briefings may not be the most effective way to engage Soldiers who tend to exhibit a more self-directed and exploratory learning…