Unveiling the U.S. Army's
DATE Program

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DATE immerses soldiers in dynamic training environments that evolve with evolving threats. From virtual battlegrounds to live exercises, soldiers face real-world scenarios and adaptive adversaries, honing their skills for multi-domain warfare challenges.

But DATE isn't just about basic training. This page delves into how the program seamlessly integrates with diverse Army training resources. Whether it's fresh recruits or seasoned veterans, DATE guarantees access to cutting-edge training, ensuring readiness for all.


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DATE provides the U.S. Army training community with a singular unified scalable training environment in order to facilitate training across live, virtual, and constructive events.

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• Define & describe the Operational Environment (OE) for training

• Support adaptation of the adversary to meet training requirements

• Enable training for multi-domain operations in complex environments

• Facilitate training for the unique challenges presented by Large Scale Combat Operations (LSCO)

• Prepare Soldiers and Leaders to fight and win our nation’s wars.

DATE accomplishes its objectives by

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mapping and geospatial

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training at any echelon
(from Team to Corps).

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training for all U.S. Army
Essential Tasks.

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the OE across professional military
education and training.

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Intelligence Community-validated, realistic and relevant conditions and adversaries for unclassified training.


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In the context of Army Design Methodology, framing is about building conceptual models of reality, and making sense of situations and problems by establishing context—the set of circumstances that surround a particular event or situation.

Adversaries will seek to gain technological parity in order to contest every domain using all instruments of national power (diplomatic, information, military, and economic) in Competition, Crisis, and Conflict.

The Operational Environment and the Changing
Character of War

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TRADOC Pamphlet 525-92

Providing insight into the evolving Operational Environment (OE), highlighting challenges posed by emerging technologies and hybrid warfare strategies adopted by strategic competitors like Russia and China. Understanding this evolving landscape is crucial for all members of the Army team, from new recruits to seasoned leaders, as it informs readiness, modernization efforts, and adaptation to new challenges.

The OE (2021-2030):

Great Power Competition, Crisis and Conflict

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OE Addendum to 525-92

This updated pamphlet expands on the evolving Operational Environment (OE), focusing on the emergence of China as a Pacing Threat, the transformative impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, and adversaries' modernization efforts challenging traditional Army strengths. It underscores the need for continual adaptation to maintain our position as the world's premier fighting force.

Interconnected Narratives

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DATE Regions form an interconnected and globally engaged system of systems. Designed with this overarching vision, DATE is built upon key framing concepts to ensure seamless integration and interaction incorporating: