Modeling and simulation has underpinned Army training, experimentation, and analysis for more than three decades; recent advances in computational processing enable modeling and simulation of Human Social Cultural Behavior (HSCB). Athena is the Army’s only deterministic and laptop-based simulation suitable to support training, experimentation, analysis, and mission command.

  • Government Owned
  • Laptop Based
  • Fast Run Times
  • Scalable – Can study a city block to a nation state
  • Single User – Can be operated by one individual
  • Deterministic – Enables COA Analysis
  • Rules Based Model – Enables causality assessments
  • Population Moods / Attitudes Satisfaction
  • Neighborhood volatility and stability
  • Relationships between various civilian and force groups, and leaders
  • Quantifies the distribution of political, economic, cultural, and informational power and control

Athena enables decision makers to anticipate the impacts of social, economic, and political dynamics on a region by evaluating the full range of Political, Military, Economic, Social, Infrastructure, Information – Physical Environment and Time (PMESII-PT) Variables.

2014 Army M&S Award in the Cross-cutting Category

Helping to Unravel the Complexities of Human Behavior

Assesses the second and third order effects of a given action on a region.

Decision Support Tool

Athena provides decision makers increased understanding of the intended and unintended consequences of their proposed courses of action.

TRADOC G-2 Intelligence Support Activity (TRISA)
801 Harrison Dr.
Fort Leavenworth, KS, 66027

Meeting Commander’s Needs With Timely and Accurate Information

Human, social, cultural, and behavioral (HSCB) representation is one of the most significant training and analytical gaps in our Armed Forces today. Understanding the complexities of the human domain is a critical part of understanding the totality of the Operational Environment. Athena is a government owned social-cultural modeling capability which supports a decision maker by providing both a framework to better understand complex PMESII-PT-based problems, and a simulation for anticipating the long-term consequences of engagement choices across the totality of the Operational Environment.

Recent Uses


  • Unified Quest 2014
  • Unified Challenge 2014
  • Model Enhanced Analysis, Design and Execution (MEADE) Wargame

Studies and Analysis:

  • Studies to assist in understanding ISIL, Violent Extremist Organizations (VEO), and other HSCB dynamics in several regions
Deployed Support:
  • To Jordan in support of CENTCOM FWD – Jordan to assist in understanding the Syrian refugee crisis
  • To Operational Commanders to assist in understanding ISIL
  • In FY15, to CJTF-OIR // ARCENT to support campaign planning

Commander’s Operational Views Application (COVA)

Graphical representation of post-processed Athena data.

Provides an Overview of the Operational Environment.

Driver for PMESII-PT effects integration.