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Challenges to Maneuver: RU/UKR Conflict 2 Mar232023/03/07Download
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RUS’s ‘Special Military Operations’: July 2022 – Red Observations with DOTMILPF Implications2022/07/27Download
Signposts to the Future OE: Democratized intelligence and information capabilities are increasing battlefield transparency2022/07/18Download
RUS’ ‘Special Military Operations’ Red Observations with DOTMILPF Implications2022/07/06Download
PLA Lessons from the Ukrainian War: Surprised by Russia’s challenges; identifying where it might be already ahead2022/06/29Download
Threats and Adversaries: RUS unconstrained use of fires and area effects munitions…2022/06/08Download
Threats and Adversaries: LSCO includes hybrid/mixed forces; conventional, UW, militias, cyber & proxies2022/06/01Download
Threats and Adversaries: Planning (to seize opportunities) and C2 require deliberate rehearsal and agility2022/05/22Download
Threats and Adversaries: Planning…requires deliberate rehearsals and agility2022/05/18Download
Threats and Adversaries: Observation #9: Challenges executing operations in urban and other complex terrain2022/04/26Download
Threats and Adversaries: KA3-Russia will use standoff…to contest, degrade and deny2022/04/19Download
Threats and Adversaries: Use of small, ‘cheap’, disposable and highly lethal systems2022/04/06Download
Threats and Adversaries: Use of small, ‘cheap’, disposable and highly lethal systems2022/03/29Download
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Threats and Adversaries: Russian Military Operation insights… The BTG in Conflict2022/03/09Download
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Russia and Ukraine Update: U.S. and Russian Strategic Stability Dialogue2022/01/12Download
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Russian Battalion Tactical Group (BTG)2021/11/10Download
Evolving Russian / Ukrainian Fight: Characteristics of the Battlefield Geometry In Ukraine2021/07/13Download