Support to the Centers of Excellence and Schools

The OESD assists Army schools and Centers of Excellence (CoE) in developing complex OEs for institutional training using the Decisive Action Training Environment (DATE). This process is completed in coordination with the Quality Assurance Office (QAO) accreditation team months prior to an accreditation cycle. The OEC will engage COE/School’s and provide detailed training, guidance on the incorporation of the DATE OE, and review injects, storylines, orders, and POI’s to ensure the DATE OE is doctrinally represented.

Support to Readiness

The OESD collaborates closely with units, mission training complexes (MTC), the Mission Command Training Program (MCTP), and the Global Simulation Capability (GSC) to provide focused and scalable exercise design expertise, CTC lessons learned/best practices, and OPFOR training and support to develop tough, realistic, and complex multi-echelon training within any real-world or training operational environment.