Atropia Geospatial Content

Atropia Boundaries

The Republic of Atropia is vulnerable because of its natural resources and as a result of conflicts over its province of Lower Janga. Atropia possesses significant oil and gas reserves in both the northeast and the Caspian Sea. Further, the Trans-Caucasus petroleum (TC-P) pipeline, one of the most critical infrastructure components in the region, originates near its capital city. These rich natural resources generate potential threats from external forces.

Limaria currently occupies Atropia’s Lower Janga province, an area fought over by Atropia and Limaria for 20 years. At present, over 95% of the Lower Jangan population belongs to the Limarian ethnic group. Refugees displaced from the Lower Janga dispute amount to over one million people. An estimated 400,000 Atropian Limarians and 30,000 Lower Janga Limarians fled to Limaria or Donovia to avoid the conflict. An estimated 800,000 Atropians from Limaria or Lower Janga sought refuge in Atropia. Various other ethnic groups in Lower Janga also evacuated to refugee camps in Atropia or Ariana. All efforts to settle the dispute have failed. Ariana contains a large internal Atropian ethnic minority and disagrees with Atropia over the delineation of Caspian Sea oil and gas fields. Atropia, a majority Shia nation, resists Arianian-sponsored attempts to politicize Islam within Atropia.