Bothnia Geospatial Content

Bothnia Boundaries

Bothnia is a socialist state; although officially there are three main political parties, in reality the Socialist Party of Bothnia dominates the political environment—in effect allowing the other two parties to exist to offer the illusion of choice for the population. Relations with other former Skolkan Empire countries are good except for that with Torrike, which has been strained over Bothnia’s growing claims on the island of Gotland.

The essence of Bothnia’s defense policy is to defend the State and the achievements of the Bothnian people against all aggressors and threats, whether external or internal. To this end, the purpose of the military is to prepare, plan and execute the total defense of Bothnia, in conjunction with all other agencies of the Bothnian State. The policy allows for all methods to be used to ensure the survival of the State and does not preclude preemptive actions or actions limited to the territory of Bothnia. As such, Bothnia’s military is sizeable, with some 120,000 troops in service and theoretically, another 1,000,000 eligible to be mobilized from the Reserve.

The deterioration of relations with Torrike and the expansion of NATO have forced Bothnia to reevaluate its status in the region. It increasingly sees Donovia as an ally and a useful counterbalance to the influence of NATO and the EU. Bothnia is also wary of the motivations of the Baltic States following their admission into NATO; as a result, Bothnia perceives “threats” from multiple entities.