Donovia (W) Geospatial Content

Donovia West Boundaries

United Republics of Donovia is nominally a republic, but in reality operates as an authoritarian state. Despite outward moves toward democracy, the small political/economic elite maintain power through control of the dominant political party, the Unionist Democratic Party (UDP). The UDP, in turn, dominates the political and economic landscapes. Despite a tumultuous past, the Donovian political structure is generally stable. The UDP arose from the aftermath of the Four Traitors incident two decades ago, with a mandate to clean up the corruption within Donovia that had devastated the nation and ended nearly 70 continuous years of Donovian power and development. While the UDP has managed to create economic stability and increase national prestige through assertive military and diplomatic maneuvering, it has done so through the centralization of state political control. Despite the creation of a strong central authority, Donovia strives to retain a veneer of democracy and a free market economy. While corruption within the government has long been tolerated, the population’s willingness to overlook abuses of power is tied to their economic outlook.