OE Watch, Vol. 10 (Iss. 08)

Operational Environment Watch Publication

The August issue of OE Watch continues to feature foreign perspectives on the OE, particularly on how Russia and China are leveraging emerging technologies and foreign presence to exploit opportunities, as well as a variety of topics related to COVID-19 and security affairs. In the Eurasia section, Russian military advances to note include their development…


OE Watch, Vol. 10 (Iss. 02)

OE Watch FEB 2020, Vol 10, Iss 02

This issue of OE Watch opens with a look at some of what Russians are touting as their military accomplishments in 2019 (“Summing Up Russian Military Achievements in 2019” and “Some Changes in the Russian Armed Forces in 2019”).  Looking ahead, the Russian Armed Forces are modernizing their special purpose firearms (“Silenced Assault Rifle for…