TTC Class Host Instructions

This page is intended to help the host-organizers of upcoming Threat Tactics Course Phase 2 classes.  You situation may differ, so please feel free to reach out to the TTC Course Manager if you have any questions.
  • Admin:
    • Number of Soldiers generally less than 30.  20-25 optimal.
    • We usually start at 09, but we can be there to set up at 0830 on Day-1.  Start and end times can flex as needed for site requirements/PT/etc.
  • Classroom:
    • Fewer issues if not in a secure area. All material and references are unclassified and released to the public. Discussions will be unclassified.
    • Students should have computers – either brought GFE or present in the classroom.  100% not required, but helpful.
    • We use MS Teams for most of the class – references, readings, PEs, etc.  I’ll add the students on Day-1 to our Team using their emails. If the class computers don’t have the Teams application installed, we can use the web version.  If Soldiers don’t have an account, they can share with others.
    • Instructor will have GFE laptop, but can use an existing instructor computer, if preferred.  Projector and speakers are required.
    • Day 1 is mostly PPT and drills. After that we shift to small group PEs using a combination of PPT and paper maps. Would be helpful if there are some whiteboards/butcher paper, markers, and tape.
  • Soldiers:
    • Uniform is duty uniform.  They can bring whatever references allowed in at the site.  Smart-books, manuals can be helpful, as well as downloading the Student Supplement.
    • Please ensure all Soldiers have completed the Phase 1 computer-based instruction on JKO. (Search for “OPFOR” to find) and the pre-readings (available at the bottom of our OE Portal page –
  • Funding: Travel expenses for course MTT personnel use your unit Foundry funds.  MIPRs should be transferred to the TRADOC G2 account.