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Since the People’s Republic of Olvana is the largest country in the region in terms of size and population and with an intent to serve as the regional hegemon, Olvana maintains the largest military in the Pacific. The Olvana People’s Army (OPA) is composed of not only a land force, as the Olvana People’s Navy (OPN) and Olvana People’s Air Force (OPAF) are subordinate to the OPA. The OPN has been expanding its capability over the last decade with the completed construction of its first two carriers with two more under construction. The OPA has also increased its amphibious capabilities. Both increases in capability provide Olvana with the capability to project its military power to anywhere in the region. Olvana attempts to influence the region by the deployment of advisors to various countries and the sale of military weapons to their allies. Today, the Olvanan Communist Party seeks to change some traditions while preserving others, such as the family structure and culture of obedience to the state as being integral to society.