This OE Watch contains 21 foreign article reviews spanning over 30 regions and countries and covering the Operational Environment. Its analyses introduce security topics articulated from foreign perspectives, and as a product, it is intended for U.S. Army leader development, training, and education communities, as well as others in government, analytic, and academic communities.

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Its Table of Contents is here:

3 Chinese Military Exercises Highlight Improvements in Joint Operations
6 China Issues Concept Paper on Its Role in Global Security
9 Taiwan Considers “Porcupine Strategy” Against Chinese Invasion
11 Chinese Spy Balloon Over Latin America Elicits Minimal Response

12 The Composition and Tactics of Wagner Assault Detachments
15 Russian Arctic Seaports Expand Activity Despite War in Ukraine
17 Russia Adds Incentives for Fighters in Ukraine
19 Kazakhstan Draws Lessons From the Russia-Ukraine War
20 Russia Losing to China in Central Asia
23 Russia Using Media Organizations To Garner Support From “Islamic” Countries

25 Iran Praises Revolutionary Guards’ Proxy Afghan Brigade
27 Iran Profiles Female Police Seeking To Quell Women’s Protests

Terrorism and Transnational Crime
29 UN Warns About Islamic State Surging in Africa and Afghanistan
31 Colombia Deemphasizing Coca-Eradication in Counterdrug Strategy
33 Complications Surround Kenyan Peacemaking in DRC

Global Operational Environment
35 Russia’s Role in India’s Bids for New Carbines and Medium Transport Aircraft
37 Algeria Seeks Non-Alignment by Preserving Russia Ties While Welcoming NATO Overtures
39 West African States Ruled by Military Leaders Seek To Circumvent Future Sanctions
41 Mali Defends Reliance on Russian Counterterrorism Assistance
43 Vietnam and Indonesia Resolve Maritime Disputes

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Mr. Paul (Kent) Baumann (; Foreign Military Studies Office, Fort Leavenworth, KS

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