This OE Watch contains 20 foreign article reviews spanning over 30 different regions and countries covering Operational Environment security topics from the foreign perspective for the US Army leader, development, training, and education community, as well as others in governmental, analytic, and academic communities.

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Its Table of Contents is here:

3 China Now Claims To Have World’s Top Destroyer Force
6 People’s Liberation Army Exploring Military Applications of ChatGPT
8 Chinese Military Seeking To Use AI Disinformation Database for Cognitive Defense
10 Vietnam Defense Exhibition Shows Diversified International Partnerships To Balance Against China

12 Russia Tries To Appeal to New Contract Soldiers in Moscow
15 Facing European Sanctions, Russian Redirects Grain and Coal to Asian Customers
16 Retired SHAPE Vice Chief of Staff Shares His Thoughts on Russia’s War in Ukraine

19 Iran Installs New Precision Missiles on Army Helicopters
21 Iran Seeks To Reestablish Embassy and Consulate in Saudi Arabia Before Hajj
23 Iran Considers Rapprochement With Pakistan

25 Global Terrorism Declined Slightly in 2022, With the Sahel as the New Epicenter
27 Leader of Al-Qaeda’s Sahelian Branch Explains His Group’s Goals
30 Multinational Joint Task Force Lauds Counterterrorism Success Against Boko Haram
32 El Salvador’s State of Emergency Marks One Year With No End in Sight

34 Top Ugandan General Adds to Growing List of Pro-Russian African Military Personnel
36 Ongoing Clashes in Nagorno-Karabakh Threaten Fragile Truce
39 Lessons for India From the War in Ukraine
42 Egypt and India Deepen Security Cooperation
44 Brazil’s President Pushes ‘Peace Club’ for Russia’s War in Ukraine
46 South Korea Bolsters Defense Collaboration in the Arabian Peninsula

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