DATE World Users’ Blog #2 – What is DATE World?

How Russia Fights

Have you ever felt like your battalion S3 is living in a fantasy world? Has your battalion S3 section, maybe, given this fantasy world a name?…and is that name DATE World? Before psychoanalyzing the poor folks in S3 any further, it’s worth asking yourself the question: What is a DATE World? As it turns out…


Decisive Action Training Environment (DATE) World

How China Fights

Oct. 2021. This visualization depicts the DATE World training environment. This environment allows users the train against pacing and near-peer threats. Actors within DATE World mirror the modernization efforts of our real world adversaries, and are designed to enable training for all US Army essential tasks, ensuring that the Army and its partners are doing…


Latest Publication of Red Diamond Released

Global Tactics For Army Readiness

TRADOC G-2 has just released the latest publication of the Red Diamond newsletter. This edition of the Red Diamond provides our readers with information about the various products and services TRADOC G-2 offers to support and guide you through writing scenarios and developing exercises. We strive to ensure our users are informed about the myriad…